For foreigners

If you would like to take a trial lesson, please read below.

Our studio lesson is a membership system. For that reason, we are accepting applications for those who live in Japan and become members and take regular lessons. We don’t accept lessons for tourists

All lessons are conducted in Japanese, so some understanding of Japanese is required.

for example

● Words from the teacher during the lesson (including not only action instructions but also many sensory expressions)

●Description of your physical condition

● Understanding the usage system (payment of monthly fees and rules for using this place)

If you understand the above and would like to take a trial lesson, please apply from the “trial lesson” on this site (reservation and payment are required).

The reservation deadline is two days before.

If you do not pay in advance, you will not be able to attend.

When the payment and submission of the health check sheet are completed, the reservation will be confirmed.

If all procedures are not completed by the deadline, it will be automatically canceled.

Also, if you haven’t completed the reservation reception, you won’t be able to participate in the lesson even if you come here on the day.

体験申し込み 体験申し込み